Dar es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Overnight Safari at Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is only 185 miles from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city, and is a great safari spot for people who only have a little time. The park can get busy on the weekends, but large herds of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, and impala live on the grasslands of Mikumi. Giraffes and elephants are also common, and predators like lions and spotted hyenas can be seen less often than in some more popular parks.

Starting in Dar es Salaam, tourists can go on a 3-day, 2-night safari with a tour of a Maasai village. This trip costs $599 per person and can be booked through SafariBookings.com. The park is also easy to get to from Dar es Salaam, making it the best place for a safari in southern Tanzania.

GetYourGuide.com offers an overnight safari at Mikumi National Park for people who want to stay the night. The safari includes the entire board at Camp Bastian, a 4x4 safari vehicle, an English-speaking driver-guide, one liter of mineral water per person per day, drinks, tips, gratuities, and more. But the package does not include flights (both domestic and international) or visas.

As for the entrance fees, they depend on the safari package and the tour operator, so it's best to check with the specific tour operator for more information.

Overnight Safari Tour Nyerere National Park

The air of Nyerere National Park, formerly Selous Game Reserve, is filled with birds singing and the sweet smell of wildflowers. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the south of Tanzania. It is about 50,000 square kilometers big and used to be called Selous Game Reserve. It is one of Africa's largest areas of protected wilderness, and it is home to a huge variety of animals, such as elephants, lions, leopards, wild dogs, hippos, and crocodiles.

Tourists flock to Nyerere National Park to experience the sights and sounds of a thrilling game drive. These are usually done in open 4x4 vehicles so visitors can get close to the animals. There are also walking safaris, which give you a unique chance to explore the park on foot with an experienced guide. When you go on a boat safari along the Rufiji River, you can see a lot of hippos and crocodiles and get great views of the wildlife.

Besides the animals, Nyerere National Park has a rich cultural history. There are signs of early human settlements and old trade routes in the park. Tourists can discover the area's legacy by visiting ancient ruins and monuments.

The price to get into Nyerere National Park for non-residents ranges from $60 to $80 per person per day, depending on the type of safari and the tour company. This fee covers getting into the park, going on game drives, and being led on walks.

If you want to see a wide variety of Tanzania's animals and learn about the country's rich cultural history, Nyerere National Park is the place to go. With many things to do and a beautiful natural setting, it is a must-see place for anyone traveling to Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam: City Tour

Get Your Guide's Dar es Salaam City Tour is a great way to see Tanzania's largest city and learn about its rich history and culture. During this tour, visitors can see some of Dar es Salaam's most famous landmarks and places of interest and get a feel for the city's busy everyday life.

The tour starts with a stop at the National Museum of Tanzania, where people can learn about Tanzania's history and culture, such as its time as a colony, its ancient civilizations, and its natural wonders. From there, the tour goes to the busy Kariakoo Market, Tanzania's largest market. There, visitors can feel the lively energy of the market and shop for food, clothes, and souvenirs.

The Askari Monument, which honors Tanzanian soldiers who fought in World War I, and the historic St. Joseph's Cathedral, one of the oldest Catholic churches in Tanzania, are also stops on tour. Visitors will be able to experience the grandeur of the State House, the official home of the President of Tanzania, and be mesmerized by the beauty of the Botanical Gardens, alive with exotic plants and animals.

Get Your Guide's Dar es Salaam City Tour costs about $60 per person and includes transportation, an English-speaking guide, and entrance fees to the National Museum of Tanzania and St. Joseph's Cathedral. The tour usually takes about four hours, and people should wear comfortable shoes and clothes and bring sun protection like sunscreen and a hat.

The Dar es Salaam City Tour is a great way to learn about Tanzania's capital's exciting life and diverse culture. It is a must-see place for anyone traveling to Tanzania. From the vibrant colors of the market to the pleasant scents of the botanical gardens, there is something for everyone.

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